Acquisitions & Dispositions

For land and other facilities, we provide feasibility analyses, lease-purchase studies, and acquisition and disposition strategies, in addition to locating, evaluating and leasing properties.

Asset Management

Our primary focus is to foster mutually beneficial tenant, owner, and community relations. Our approach employs on-site professional managers with strong analytical capabilities and local market knowledge to retain and enhance property value and marketability.


When negotiating a lease for new space, many businesses that do not understand the various restrictions and hidden costs in the fine print of leases may encounter unexpected expenses. We act in an advisory capacity – assessing our client’s space or property requirements, evaluating relocation alternatives, determining moving costs, and analyzing the cost of potential leases.

Consulting And Appraisal

We inspect properties and make the required studies and investigations necessary for sound conclusions in preparation of appraisal reports. Moreover, we have the capability to review appraisals, other cost estimates and research, and to determine the fair market value of properties. Superior staff expertise in real estate, management, finance, and information systems enables us to solve a wide variety of problems.

GGI Consulting

The GGI Consulting Group assists large, mid-sized and small businesses, non-profit organizations and governmental entities increase their organizational effectiveness by providing the following services:

  • Business Consulting & Planning
  • Project Management & Evaluation
  • Control & Cost Analysis
  • Team Building
  • Strategic Planning
  • Risk Analysis
  • Event Planning and more!

Additional Services

  • Commercial
  • Residential Brokerage
  • Tenant Representation
  • Property Management Consulting
  • Space Planning